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Beauty On The Back Porch: Answering the call to serve

Several weeks ago, the Nurture-Care team at my church put forth a program called Front Porch Visits . Anyone who was interested could sign up to deliver or receive a visit and a care package. I've been self-quarantined since March, Zooming with friends and only venturing out to parking lots to pick up groceries or to the drive-through lane at my pharmacy. I thought it would be nice to have someone come to my porch to chat in person, so I filled out the online form and waited for a call. I wanted to feel included and not forgotten. As the designated weekend approached with no word from the church, I wondered if my request had gotten lost.  Then an email from the pastor popped up on my phone. I was delighted to see you had signed up to do a visit. I’d like to assign you Carol Smith. Her husband has severe Alzheimer's and she has been living alone since he moved into memory care. Even though he doesn’t know who she is, she has missed being able to visit him. How would you like to