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Vaccinated! Gratitude for humanity's strength

Two days ago, I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine!  As someone with a severe underlying health condition, I was invited to sign up for a clinic administered by my local County Health Department. Last week the county sent out a website link that would go live at noon on Friday. I was wary because I had tried a similar sign-up the week before, and before I had finished filling out the online form, the clinic had filled up. It took less than six minutes.  I was discouraged and frustrated.   My doctors couldn't do anything to help me since the county was in charge of distribution. However, my friends encouraged me to try again, reassuring me that I could get in. This time when the link went live, my hands were shaking as I typed furiously. I used my computer rather than my phone so I could click through the questionnare faster. It felt like I was trying to buy concert tickets before the event sold out. But the stakes were higher. When I finally reached the scheduling page,