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A Fresh Start: Rehab therapy for your soul

I didn’t post anything in May. Although it broke my schedule and intentions, I don’t have the energy to worry about it or feel guilty over it like I would have in the past. Plus, May was a month full of lamentations, and there’s only so much complaining and explaining that I have the capacity to write and my audience has the desire to read. Beauty was, and remains, in short supply. But it’s still there, and I still want to tell you about it. Maybe even more now than before. As I navigate my health challenges and look for signs of healing, I’m granting myself the grace to name the simple beauty around me and have that be enough. I’m holding off on anything that’s too complex or deep or metaphorical. I will focus on noticing the one thing that made me smile or warmed my heart each day. I’m only asking myself to see the largest Doorways right now. It means shorter posts, but I’m giving myself permission for that, too. Call it baby steps or re-training with the goal of starting fresh and