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When Beauty Gets Brighter: Finding perspective and feeling grateful

If you’ve been reading my blog the last six months, you know that I’ve been through a challenging roller coaster of health issues. Just six weeks ago, I wondered if my sick-feeling state of being would be permanent. I was running low on Hope.  I felt distant from God’s life-giving energy.  Beauty was dimmed .   Just as I was preparing to realign my expectations of healing, my health improved enough to make some larger treatment adjustments, and a month later, my story is different. I’m starting to feel better!   When I was sick, one of the things I worried about was that I would never again have a summer of riding and camping like I’d had before. I grieved the potential loss, and fear pulled me into a pit of sadness and solitude. While there may have been other paths around this pit, they were closed off for me. I was compelled to crawl in. It sure made it more difficult to see beauty f rom the bottom of this hole where my fears were magnified and echoed. When I finally was able to cli