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Surrounded by Light: Finding peace in the darkness

This will be a quick post as I want to give you one more story in 2020. And I need this reminder right now, too, because I’m dealing with some new health issues that make my daily life a little darker. Last week Jupiter and Saturn were aligned so close, they appeared to be one star. In fact, many called it the Christmas Star, imagining it was akin to what the shepherds saw over two thousand years ago. There was a limited viewing window; the planets would dip below the horizon about thirty minutes after sunset. So I bundled up in my jacket and gloves and went to the driveway. The clouds were sparse, and I spotted the planets behind a distant treetop. I sat down on my walker and looked up. Although it was dark, all I could see was the light. There was an almost-full moon shining on my left. To my right was our pine tree strung with colorful lightbulbs along with matching strings along the eaves behind me. Straight ahead was the Christmas Star. I smiled and sighed, “I am surrounded by lig