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Out of the Valley: Nine days of beautiful gifts

In my last post I wrote about some health issues that had me searching for the light around me. It was the convergence of many ongoing symptoms that made it so intense. I wasn’t sleeping well. I felt intermittently drowsy and dizzy and nauseous. My appetite was all but gone. But when I sought medical help (my doctor sent me to the ER), all the test results came back negative or normal. There were just two thin threads to follow. I scheduled appointments with two specialists, but while I waited, my symptoms continued to impact my days. Most notably, I had to avoid screen time as it made everything worse.  In the past, I would have kept my “complaints” to myself, thinking I didn’t want to burden anyone with worry. But I’ve learned that when you’re in a valley, it’s okay to open up and reach out for help. So when my mom and sister asked how I was doing, I gave them specific details. I described my frustrations and the ways I was trying to manage them. They listened patiently and offered