Mayo Update: One Day at a Time

I’ve graduated out of the ICU (again!).  I’m now in a slow holding pattern of waiting for my kidneys to heal and start functioning and also work with physical therapists to regain some of my strength.  

This last part, physical therapy, is exactly that.  It is very physical, taxing my energy to the limit, and is sometimes painful.  But I push myself to follow the therapist’s instructions as I know whatever gains I make will assure a better future.  

My day consists of many visits by medical professionals.  They come in one at a time, in pairs or in groups.  There always seems to be a line at my door.  

Your cards, flowers, and facebook comments lift my spirits each day.  Many times, it has been your support that I have needed to keep me going.  Thank you!

Love, Lisa


  1. You are always an inspiration to me!! You are a reminder that the rest of us should and can handle anything life throws at us! I love you my friend!!

  2. You look so great Lisa! You never give up! Keep on keeping on!! love, Shelly Batey


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