What Is A Doorway?

This is my first post in over 3 years, and I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. I'm the type of person who likes to commit to projects and do them on schedule in an organized fashion. This blog has not been one of them, and it bugs me a bit. Okay, a lot. But as I'm picking up writing again, I find myself seeking an outlet for sharing the things that I find beautiful and joyful each day.

Since launching RL4B in July of 2014, I have found a new, meaningful way to describe the goal of relentlessly looking for beauty through the metaphor of a doorway which connects earth to heaven. Though I view it through a Christian lens, the experience is not exclusively a religious idea. Doorways are there for anyone who cares to pay attention to how this world shows us glimpses of a universal understanding and our connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Doorways open up to
                    our very souls.

Doorways vary in size, and often the smaller the door, the more difficult it is to see it. These are two examples from this past week.

A dear friend whom I've known since high school called unexpectedly asking if I could pick her up from the airport so she could visit a family member in the hospital. When I arrived, we embraced as if time and distance had never separated us, and her tears flowed freely knowing our friendship would absorb the pain. This moment sent waves of love through our cores and the doorway opened wide.

Earlier in the week, I was standing on the back deck watching my dog roam the yard when a robin suddenly flew right in front of my face and landed in the tree above me. Birds are fascinating to me and I've discovered that they provide frequent doorways, so my gaze followed her into the branches. I didn't see her at first, but as I tilted my head I caught sight of a nest with two little heads peeking out and greeting the promise of a meal. This is a doorway that could have been easily missed, but in taking the time to pay attention, I was gifted with a treat of nature.

That's it. Doorways are all around us just waiting to be opened. I plan to post routinely as I find those doorways that enrich and give meaning to life. And I hope to go easy on myself if I miss a day, knowing that breaking the rules I have set for myself is always forgivable.

So I encourage you to find doorways along with me, to seek a new way of seeing life and events around us, and let the wonder and amazement change you for the better. 


  1. Love this, Lisa. I look forward to reading future posts.

  2. Beautiful observations. I'm so glad you're blogging again!

  3. I like this! Thanks for sharing your heart, Lisa (it’s Angelique) :)


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