Update on Lisa - Guest Post from Kara Nelson, Lisa’s Sister


An Update From Kara: 
Lisa is in the Mayo Clinic ICU still, but improving. Over a month ago, she came here for a feeding tube placement. And, after overcoming major complications with internal bleeding and kidney issues, she was all set to go home when about a week ago, she came down with a sepsis blood infection and her body went into septic shock. She was extremely fatigued, her kidneys stopped functioning, she had hypotension (low blood pressure), and a lot of fluid retention. Lisa was very sick, and to be honest, we didn’t know if she was going to make it. Doctors treated Lisa with many life-saving medications (up to eight IV bags hung at one time), several rounds of paracentesis (removing fluid from her abdomen), blood transfusions, and dialysis. The sepsis infection is now gone, her numbers are stable, her fluid retention is much better, her eyes are brighter, her voice has returned, and she’s been able to sit up once or twice a day. Currently, she is still on dialysis full time and is resting most of the day on a home ventilator system. The doctors will be doing a heart catheterization to check into her underlying heart issues that may be contributing to some continued hypotension. They will also put Lisa on intermittent dialysis (every 1-2 days) to see if they can restart her kidneys (this can take days or weeks). It’s been a REALLY tough road, but Lisa is in good spirits and we are all hopeful she will continue improving. 

From Lisa: 
I can’t believe it’s been a month. I wouldn’t have made it this far without your love and support. Thank you Shawn, Mom, Dad, and Kara for being here for me. Thank you for the cards and for all of your comments and prayers on Facebook. Love, Lisa


  1. Hello Lisa--

    I am so relieved you are doing better. You have been in my prayers and I know you are sincerely missed here among your church family. I, too, feel bolstered by your improvements and will continue to hold you in my prayers for continued healing and functioning kidneys. We want you to come home!! --Dana Doney


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