Noticing + Gratitude = Beauty

Part of relentless looking for beauty is noticing and being grateful for the things in your life that are often overlooked. It's why I've incorporated a gratitude practice into my daily routine, and it helps give me perspective when I'm going through a valley.

When making my lists of things for which I am thankful, I try to add new items each day as a way to broaden my awareness. Of course I'm still grateful for my husband and family, but I want to push myself beyond the obvious and put some intentional thought into my practice.

However, sometimes I get stumped! When that happens, I go to my senses for ideas. What do I see, taste, smell, feel, or hear that fills me with gratitude? Here's an example:

  • Sight: Sitting in my kitchen, I see curtains on my windows, and I'm grateful for the privacy, warmth, and darkness they provide.
  • Taste: I'm eating a delicious, homemade salad, and I'm grateful for fresh produce, tangy dressing, and flavorful seasonings that are readily available at a nearby store.
  • Smell: The scent of just-washed clothes fills my nose, and I'm thankful I have a functioning washer and dryer to help with my laundry.
  • Touch: I feel warm, dry socks on my feet, and I'm grateful that I'm inside and out of the snowy, damp weather.
  • Sound: I hear a train in the distance, and I'm grateful for the state and national transportation of goods and resources and the connections it brings.

By using this strategy, it stretches my world and challenges me to truly pay attention. I am constantly amazed at what I have never noticed before.

What kinds of gratitude can you discover using your senses?

Is there something right in front of you that you've been missing?

May you find beauty in the answers.

Some doorways from this week:

  • We had some long-time friends come stay with us this weekend, and we laughed with joy as we shared our memories of past good times.
  • During the government shutdown, I saw God at work in the people and organizations who came together to assist those in need, and I was awed at their generous spirit.
  • As I watched large, fluffy snowflakes fall across my backyard, I paused to reflect on the beauty of the water cycle that continues to nourish the planet.
  • Hugs are one of the nicest doorways for me, and this week I received embraces from friends and family, including my two young nephews.


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