I've Got Your Back: The beauty of a supportive friend

About four months ago, I was finishing an online writing class that had made me realize the benefits of having a mentor and a group of fellow writers for support. I didn't want to lose that connected feeling, so I searched for someone nearby.

I found Ramona, a book-club acquaintance and friend that I didn't know really well but thought would be receptive because she was a writer, too.

I sent her a message with my proposal. "How would you like to meet me for coffee and write together?" She admitted that it wasn't something she had thought about before but was willing to try. We made plans to get together the following week. 

We showed up with our computers and notepads and found a cozy table. We drank from ceramic mugs and enjoyed the music playing in the shop, noticing that it was just our style. 

But we didn't write much.

Instead, we discussed our writing goals, commiserated on the obstacles that got in the way of our creativity, and encouraged each other in meaningful ways.

Agreeing that we wanted to meet again, we set a standing date for every two weeks, and it's been that way ever since.

I look forward to our time together as we review each other's work and give our feedback. But more than that, we offer affirmations and unconditional support. It's a true friendship, built on trust.

We are open with our vulnerabilities and we hold them gently.

Creativity can be an elusive thing to pin down. As a writer, most of my work is done in isolation as I sit by myself in front of the computer. Inspiration ebbs and flows at my desk, and sometimes in a drought, I need a boost of confidence. That's what Ramona does for me.

How can you reach out for support? Who will meet you for coffee?

What kinds of affirmations can you offer?

Some Doorways from this week:

  • I have tens of thousands of digital photos from the last seventeen years, and I was scrolling through my library looking for pictures of a friend who passed away earlier this week. Not only was it a joy to remember his life in this way, I smiled as I relived memories in my life, too.
  • My sister is pregnant with her third child, and she sent me a video of telling the news to her two boys. Their reactions were beautiful to witness.

  • I unknowingly drove around for several days on a tire that was leaking air. When we finally took the time to refill it, it was completely flat. I was grateful that the tire hadn't been damaged and hadn't caused me to wreck while it was compromised. 


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