An Invitation to Beauty: What's calling you during the pandemic?

A local author and writing coach, Molly Caro May, recently offered a month-long daily writing experience titled In the Middle of It. Her intention is to help you uncover and write your story during this time of Coronavirus and its impact.

I joined immediately, eager for a structured outlet and time to journal.

In the weeks leading up to yesterday, I was still processing my fear and anxiety (see my last blog post). But as yesterday dawned, I could see a light in the darkness. I was in that state of consciousness that's between deep sleep and being fully awake, a half-dreaming-half-reality sense of being - the place where you feel confident, content, and hopeful.

For the first time in two weeks, fear was not on my mind. It felt like I was being lifted up and over my worries to see a larger picture. I could see a path winding across the landscape and a rush of energy and motivation urged me to follow it.

I smiled and got out of bed, stepping lighter than I had in days. As I sat down to breakfast thirty minutes later, I opened Molly's email and read the daily prompt.

What is this moment in time and history personally inviting you into?

The prompt had come at the perfect time. As per Molly's suggestion for the free-write, I set the timer for five minutes and began writing. 

"This moment in time seems to be inviting me. Not excluding. Not pushing away. Inviting. Welcoming. Beckoning. Calling. 

Into Faith. Into Love. Into Beauty. Into Inner Wisdom.

As my anxiety settles, I catch glimpses of opportunities for growth. For reaching out. For connecting. For loving myself and my Neighbor.

God is still at work. I'm looking for the ways. For Gratitude. For a path through. 

I'm gaining insight into my past reactions to uncertainty. I'm remembering I've been here before with my health. Remember when you were only given ten years to live? And that was twenty-two years ago. 

Digging deep, reflecting on past experience, this moment is inviting me to know myself, my community, and my God in layers upon layers of light."

In writing my response, I opened myself to an authentic and honest expression of the internal thoughts and feelings that were buried in my soul, waiting to be discovered.

I was able to form a sense-making story that will build my resilience. And you can do it, too.

What kind of invitation is waiting for you right now?

What are you being called to do during this historical moment in time?

Some recent Doorways:

  • Several friends have texted or messaged to check on me during this time. It has made me feel cared for and remembered and loved.
  • I had mixed feelings about posting my vacation pictures during this crisis, as I'm well aware of those who are suffering financially or struggling to find shelter. However, I was encouraged by comments on social media that said my photos had brought a moment of joy for my friends and family.

  • While on our camping vacation in Moab, the governor of Utah closed all campgrounds due to the threat of COVID-19. However, rather than being sent home immediately, we were allowed a week-long grace period so we could enjoy the sunshine and trails. Though we had to return three days earlier than planned, I was grateful for the extra time we had.


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