No Good Reason Necessary: Finding joy in the frivolous

For decades, I've wanted to dye my hair a bright color, but each time I visited the salon, I'd go with something safe and traditional. 

I convinced myself not to do it because "there was no good reason" I needed purple hair. 

Instead I listed all the reasons against it.

   It would just fade out, probably badly.

   It would draw too much attention.

   It would be unprofessional.

   It would be a waste of money.

But there's been a shift in my thinking.

With the current state of the pandemic, I'm isolated and my routines and priorities have been turned upside down. What had once seemed an unwise, impractical fantasy now held the promise of novelty and whimsy. Any qualms I'd felt about other people's negative judgement began to fall away.

The last few weeks have been rough as several of my concerning health symptoms from last winter have reoccurred. However, through guided journaling and an intentional mindset to live in the moment, I've been reorienting towards happiness.

That is to say, I've been taking my own advice and paying attention to what brings me joy.

Purple hair was on that list. Why purple? Why color it all over, not just a swatch? Why now?

For fun! For joy! To celebrate my birthday!

I made the appointment at the salon* on my birthday, and when I showed up, the stylist was beaming with excitement as she said, "This is going to be SO fun! I can't wait!"

Two hours later, after bleaching, washing, cutting, coloring, and styling my hair, she turned me to face the mirror. "You're all done! It looks so cool!"

She was right. It was exactly what I had wanted. Deep purple with a funky pixie cut. I smiled and said, "I love it!"

I wished then that I hadn't waited so long to try purple hair, that I hadn't let fear of judgement or embarrassment limit my decisions.

That day, I left behind all the reasons not to dye my hair and embraced the idea that it's okay if my desire doesn't have a logical rationale or deep meaning. I can pursue it anyway.

The frivolity and silliness are what make it so enjoyable!

How can you embrace fun and joy today?

What limitations do you put on yourself, and how can you release them?

* Shout out to Lisa Wild, hair stylist, colorist, and fellow funky spirit, whom I met in an awesome twist of kismet when I needed a new salon. You can find her on Facebook or book directly on Schedulicity


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