The Open Road

Let me begin by saying, for the record, I understand that taking pictures while driving is not the safest choice... but I couldn't help it. The beauty of an open road on a crisp, sunny morning was too much to resist!

This road could be going anywhere, and I'd happily drive all day under that sky! The clouds were perfectly wispy, the sun was bright but not overbearing, and the breeze was keeping it all flowing. Wow. However, I wasn't traveling far on this road... I happened to be on my way to my mom's house just a few miles away. She and I had planned an early morning of treasure hunting at some area yard sales, despite my aversion to rising before 10 am on a weekend. We had in mind what we were searching for and we set off.

We spent about three hours (and $45) laughing, sharing, bartering, and buying under the brilliant skies of a summer Saturday in Montana. It was beautiful in many ways and I wouldn't trade it for any amount of extra sleep! When I think of "relentlessly looking for beauty," I know that some beauty is hard to see unless you're looking for it. However, this day's adventure brought an easy beauty and a lovely memory of time spent with family.


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