Cultivating Beauty

I used to love gardening. When we bought our first house, I went to work building a garden out of railroad ties, raking the soil, and choosing seeds. I would measure out the rows, plant a variety of vegetables, and spend the summer cultivating the growing plants. I even enjoyed weeding because I knew it would give my seedlings room to thrive.

But now, life with a chronic illness and progressively weak muscles has impacted my ability to practice the hobby. I can no longer shovel dirt, get on my hands and knees, or carry a water hose. 

My husband has since built me a raised bed for the deck, so I can still get my hands in the dirt each spring to plant tomatoes, however I miss the larger plot and the hours I could spend getting lost in the task of supporting optimum growth.

But I've found another way to garden.

This week I've turned my attention toward my inner soul-garden, and the ways to tend its spirit.

For me, this inward thinking has been reinforced with the season of Lent, but I have long been a self-advocate for cultivating inner beauty and positive habits. I just need reminders every now and again to keep me on my path. And so do you.

For the next several weeks, I have committed to fifteen minutes of reading and journaling as a way to cultivate beauty and open my heart to new understandings and lessons. This practice is something I have always wished I had time for, so I decided to make the time. I may have to skip some Facebook scrolling or forgo watching a TV show, but with an intentional plan, I know it can be done. And the gardener in me can't wait to see what grows out of this planted seed.

What can you do to grow your spirit?

What brings you life? 

What kinds of practices do you want to plant in your inner garden?

Some doorways from this week:

  • Shawn locked himself out of his truck this weekend, and I was able to get him my spare key on my way to a basketball game. It was perfect timing to "rescue" him!
  • At the aforementioned game, the college seniors were honored on the court with flowers, framed jerseys, and applause. It was beautiful to see their parents and siblings support and love them during the presentation.
  • Mom and I shared a special moment watching a gorgeous, orange sunset. It was especially beautiful since we've had nothing but stormy, snowy, gray skies for the last two weeks!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I love your post as usual. I just wanted to make sure you knew that Eagle Mount has an amazing horticulture program that runs from April-October and it’s all adapted so that people like us can still garden. Ondrej and I participate in the Friday mornings class if you’re ever interested. I know you have to choose what to do very carefully, I just wanted to be sure you know it is an option out there.


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