Classic Beauty

This winter has been especially gray. Usually, along with the expected long winters in Montana, I can count on the sunshine to brighten the season. This year however, it seemed as if the sun would never fully return as it was obscured day after day by snow or dark clouds.

Also gone from sight these past few months were the mountains that surround the valley where I live. I didn't realize until they were no longer visible how much I depended on the giant peaks to anchor and reassure me of my place in the world.

So when the first blue skies of spring popped out, I was taken away by their beauty and felt my soul being refilled with life-giving energy. I wanted more.

Last week, I was driving home from a rough physical therapy session to treat severely tight neck and shoulder muscles. I was still focused on my sore and stiff symptoms when suddenly the Bridger Mountains came into view. The sunlight was as brilliant as a spotlight, and it made the freshly-fallen mountain snow gleam. 

The scene called to me, Slow down. Pay attention to the simple beauty of nature. Let it give you peace.

I reached for my phone, eager to snap a picture before the light shifted and my viewpoint changed. I needed to record this moment as a reminder of what I'd temporarily lost and hoped to retain the renewed spirit.

When looking for Doorways (people, events, or scenes that offer a glimpse of where heaven and earth meet), I had gotten so caught up in looking for the deeper layers that I had forgotten to give enough notice to the beauty on the surface - the classic beauty of nature and visually aesthetic pieces.

What kinds of beauty have you forgotten or overlooked?

Can you find renewed inspiration by returning to classic examples?

Some more Doorways from this week:

  • I watched a PBS show about the discovery and uses of the telescope and found beauty in the seemingly unrelated events and items that came together to facilitate the breakthrough invention.
  • I met with a fellow writer and friend last week and found inspiration and new perspective through our conversation.
  • I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed last Monday and had to attend two committee meetings that evening. While driving to the location, a favorite song came on the radio that made me smile and sing along, bringing joy to my day.


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