Rooted Feet, Rooted Soul: What makes you feel grounded?

Like most churches in the country, our local Methodist church is live-streaming its worship services due to the pandemic. So, every Sunday morning at 9:30, I login to Facebook and "go to church." 

This morning, we sang an original song written by one of our music leaders. Its lyrics were contemplative and centering, and I was mesmerized by the lilting tune. (Listen here at the 21:00 mark)

Rooted feet, rooted soul.
I am here. I am whole.

I took a deep, healing breath and felt connected to something bigger.

The pastor asked, “What makes you feel grounded?” I had a vague feeling about my answer, but I didn’t have time to think it through because Shawn and I had plans for the day.

After church ended, we packed a lunch, loaded up our new remote control cars, and drove west. Shawn had one place in mind and I had another. We ended up doing a bit of both as we made spontaneous choices along the way. We followed the road where it led, trusting the path we chose would be exactly where we needed to be.

The sun was out and a slight breeze drifted through our open windows. We stopped for lunch in an open clearing, and let the dogs out to run. Shawn used his one-burner propane stove to heat up soup right in the cans. He handed my can to me in the truck, and I savored the warmth.

After eating, we moved to an area in the trees and played with our RC cars, maneuvering them over rocks, logs, and fallen branches. We tested the limits of the tiny vehicles, attempting obstacles with both failure and success.

We took an alternate route home, a mountain road that went alongside the Little Boulder River. I turned off the radio and listened to the peaceful sounds of running water and the wind in the trees.

I took a deep breath and felt that connected feeling again. 

What makes me feel grounded? 
  • Following roads, paths, and trails
  • Warm soup on a brisk, sunny day
  • Laughing and playing and sharing a hobby with Shawn
  • Mountain air and the sound of a bubbling creek

Rooted feet, rooted soul.
I am here. I am whole.

What makes you feel grounded? 

What gives you peace in the middle of uncertainty?

Some recent Doorways:

  • My nephew turned three last weekend, and instead of missing his birthday due to the stay-at-home order, we arranged a video chat with my sister and her family and my mom and dad. We got to watch as my nephew opened his gifts and blew out the candles on his cake. It was beautiful to have this option for connecting.

  • My Thanksgiving Cactus is blooming again! I marveled at the color of the middle of the flower - neon pink - and its natural occurrence.

  • We gave our dogs a bath this week since our groomer is closed. I was moved to know they trust us completely to care for them and ensure their well-being. 


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