The New Normal: A Global Concert

It's not a new concept to bring celebrities and musical artists together in one event to raise funds and awareness for a global issue. Just look at the music festivals like Farm Aid, Band Aid, and Live Aid.

These events bring people together in a swell of goodwill and celebration to support an important cause.

But what happens when concerts are cancelled? When large group gatherings are prohibited?

This week, Global Citizen had an answer. As an established organization that brings the world's biggest challenges to the forefront, they were in the perfect position to create a virtual concert to say thanks to the frontline workers & ask people to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And I almost missed it.

My sister called during the first part of the eight-hour event and told me, "You should turn on the TV. We've been watching this concert and dancing around the house. It's been great!" She sounded so joyful, I was intrigued.

I could have ignored her recommendation. I could have continued on with my quiet, keep-to-myself hobbies. But instead, I sat on the couch and tuned in. I slowed down, and I was glad I did.

Paul McCartney sings "Lady Madonna"

The music was uplifting, but more than that, the message was one of hope and gratitude. Healthcare workers around the world were highlighted, hailed, and thanked for their tireless efforts. (Watch some of the best moments here.)

Lady Antebellum sings "What I'm Leaving For"

And the entertainers were in intimate, everyday settings in their homes. On the couch. In the kitchen. In a breakfast nook. At their desks. On the back porch. Granted, some were more luxurious than others, a sign of their wealth and privilege, but each artist had taken the time to record a piece and submit it to Global Citizen. 

They embraced this new concert format and performed to an empty room without the reassurance of applause, cheers, or the crowd singing along. They simply trusted that their offering would be genuinely well-received. 

Kacey Musgraves sings "Rainbow"

You could sense the authenticity and feel the common humanity, and it was beautiful.

In this New Normal, I'm learning that we can adapt. We can make changes that keep us connected and sustain our hope.

Where do you need to slow down?

How will you embrace the changes and carry them forward?

Some recent Doorways:

  • Often, when I watch my dogs, I get a "be still my heart" feeling that courses through my body. It's a warmth and a joy that I can only describe as pure love. It brings a smile to my heart every time!

  • My sister dropped off some mail on my porch then texted me to say she was out front. I was able to open the door and talk to her from a distance, marking the first time I'd seen her in over a month. The visit filled my soul.
  • My husband and I took a drive last weekend, and we ended up on a road through the foothills that we hadn't been on for at least ten years. It was comforting to see the same old grain elevator was still standing like a faithful sentinel. It gave me the feeling that we will come through the crisis and "this, too, shall pass."


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