Bluebird Memorial: What reminds you of loved ones who have passed on?

Each year, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of camping season for us. Over the last fifteen years, we’ve only stayed home a handful of times. Adding to the tradition, we camp in the same spot, with the same group of friends, and go on the same rides nearly every year.

I’ve written before about traditions and the connection with sensory details that trigger memories, and our camping excursions have certainly done that.

But in the last four years, a deeper layer has been added to the holiday.

Five years ago, Shawn’s mom, Bev, unexpectedly passed away. Since we were camping in the mountains, we didn’t have cell service to get the news. Instead, it had to be relayed from Shawn’s sister to my mom, who had been planning to drive up later that day.

On her hurried drive to our camping spot, Mom kept seeing bluebirds, and she couldn’t help but thinking of Bev’s joyous spirit as she watched the beautiful, fluttering creatures. One followed her into camp as she knocked on our door with the news. Later, she shared the story with me as she gifted me a pair of ceramic bluebirds in Bev’s memory.

Now, each year when I sit and look out my camper’s window, I look for the bluebirds as a reminder of Bev and her loving, free spirit. This weekend I witnessed special treats as two bluebirds worked together to build a nest, and then as we were packing up camp, the bluebird visited again, as if to wave goodbye.

I couldn’t help but smile and feel warmed as the veil between Heaven and Earth was lifted.

What reminds you of loved ones who have passed on?

Can you see the hidden layers of beauty around you?

Some doorways from this week:
  • Yesterday I stepped outside the camper between rain showers and heard the beautiful sound of wind blowing through pine trees across the slope of the mountain.
  • I was sitting at my desk at home and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I peeked through the blinds and saw a young bunny hopping in my front yard and twitching its nose while eating grass.
  • Earlier this week,I sat with a friend while she was getting medicine in the hospital, and it was a beautiful time of quiet conversation.


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